Letter to the Editor: All the Colors of Babies
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April 2021 

All The Colors of Babies 

Letter to the editor: 

Geez Louise! Young Black people, especially the millennials, think they are the only “colored” people. It is okay for the race industry to use “people of color” when they want to seem inclusive when they really don’t care about the other colors just want to broaden their market. 
But white people can’t use the term “colored”? 
Where is the rule book? Up until the late ‘60s, “colored” was a seemingly polite word to use as trends in common usage moved away from “Negro”. 
Later “colored” gave way to “African American” then Black. 

Now, some millennials seem to think the world began with them. 
Why, the Woke Left trip on their tongue to hammer that their VPOTUS is a woman of color. (They claimed she is black when she is Asian, Black in ethnic background.) 
I understand the usage has moved away from the use of “colored” – but just in the last few decades. Using the old term doesn’t make it wrong or insulting or racist. 

I am one of those who are “colored” but not Black. 
I am white mestizo ¼ indigenous of Mexico, ¾ European. My family is multi-toned from darker brown to stark white. Y’all call me Hispanic as though it is a race. It is not a race but an ethnicity. Hispanics are of all races. 

I’ve called myself colored in some groups of Black people and some among them bristled at my “horning in” their area. And so I bristle when Blacks have called me “colored” just to widen their market reach. 

On a recent legislative issue discussed in public, “colored” seemed correct, not ill-intentioned. 

In recent times, the number of Latino babies and Indigenous babies and Asian babies who are being aborted has skyrocketed. Bottom line: “Colored” babies are being aborted in high numbers. 
Me? I want all babies saved. 
ALL babies. ALL OF THEM. 
All the colors of babies. 


Sylvia H. Morales

Sylvia H. Morales

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