Brumbaugh supports review of education board’s actions
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Published: 29-Jan-2011
Legislative Staff Release

Published 29-Jan-2011

Oklahoma state Rep. David Brumbaugh, a Broken Arrow Republican, said on Friday (January 28) he would support a review by House Speaker Kris Steele into the actions of several state Board of Education members during their January 27 meeting with State Superintendent Janet Barresi to determine if legislative action is needed.

“The lack of civility and inappropriate comments by several of the State Board of Education members does not represent what the public should expect of our officials,” Brumbaugh said.

Brumbaugh spoke with Superintendent Baressi briefly on Friday  morning and offered his support and encouragement.

Brumbaugh noted that he was in the audience at an event in 2010 sponsored by the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce to discuss State Question 744 where State Board of Education Member Tim Gilpin was speaking.

He noted that debate was stopped by the moderator before its conclusion because Gilpin engaged in a similar type of inappropriate conduct and comment as seen at the Board of Education meeting.

“This type of behavior has no place in the public discourse,” Brumbaugh said. “As George Washington noted, ‘Every action done in company ought to be done with some sign of respect to those that are present.’ This minimal courtesy was not shown to our State Superintendent and her staff, and several of the Board of Education members' comments were reprehensible.”

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