Shelton to file bill honoring Hannah Diggs Atkins
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Published: 20-Jan-2011
Legislative Staff Release

Published 20-Jan-2011

State Rep. Mike Shelton announced today (Thursday, January 20) that he will file legislation to honor the memory of former Oklahoma Secretary of State Hannah Diggs Atkins.

“Hannah Diggs Atkins was, and remains, an inspiration for all Oklahomans, and it is fitting that we honor her memory,” said Shelton, an Oklahoma City Democrat.

Atkins was the first black woman elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the first woman to chair a House Committee. She represented House District 97 from 1969 to 1980, and later served as Secretary of State.

If enacted, Shelton’s bill will rename a section of Interstate 35 in her honor.

“Hannah Diggs Atkins is truly one of the very few people who truly broke down barriers for all citizens,” Shelton said. “She served our state at a time when the vestiges of racism and sexism were still strong, but she proved you can overcome prejudice. Her life and example will always be an inspiration to those who face seemingly insurmountable odds but refuse to yield, and I am pleased to carry this bill to honor her memory.

The representatives who preceded me in House District 97 have all made their mark in history and it is an honor to follow in the footsteps of trailblazers like Hannah Diggs Atkins.”

The Oklahoma Legislature will convene on February 7.

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